Thursday, July 18, 2013


There is a song I have heard several times recently on the radio, and I wish I knew the name of it. It is all about "words." How words can have such an influence on our lives. Words can lift us up, or tear us down. Words can actually be wrongly used to make us feel like a criminal. This may not be the intent of the person speaking, nevertheless, it does happen. Many times a word can be spoken to someone who is already down and that one word or sentence can cause you feel like you are being kicked while you are down, so,why even bother to get up?!

I am convinced that we need to put a guard over our mouths and think before we speak. Sometimes, many times, we just say something very innocently and we fail to stop and think of how our words can hurt someone else. I am sure I have done that, and I know it has been done to me.

 In a matter of seconds there can be long lasting hurt and confusion from careless words. We can hurt others that we are close to and care about. If there is someone or some issue we are having a problem with, then it is even worse!

 People let you down. Everyone has an opinion and most feel they need to share it, irregardless of how it may make another feel. People just blurt it out! They make a joke without caring enough to wonder how it is being perceived. Opinions, jokes, ideas, all have their place in our relationships. It is how they are spoken that is most important. What words are used? What words are necessary and what words are unnecessary?

I am making a commitment to be very purposeful with every word I say, and the spirit in which I say it. I would rather err on the side of not sharing anything, than sharing too much. I believe the way in which we use our words is really a gauge on how much we love others. It is about putting others before ourselves.  I want to be known as a person who uses my words to encourage, to love, to soothe. I want my words to be the words of Christ, spoken in His love, through His Spirit.  This will take purposeful thought and much prayer.

Trusting God . . . With My Words . . . One Day at a Time