Tuesday, May 28, 2013


To be honest, and that is why I write, today has not been the best of days for a variety of reasons.
I felt bombarded with things that upset me. I did not use my time well. I did not get things done that I wanted to get done, and it is not necessarily because I was really doing anything else that was more important. They just did not happen. I did go to the post office, mailed two birthday cards, and stopped at the grocery store on the way home. Not much more happened.
 I am hoping that since I still have a few hours left before I get too tired that I can at least do a few odds and ends that will make my day start off better tomorrow. I need to clean my kitchen, put away some clothes and change our sheets. Just routine household things that I have been putting off.
God, help me tomorrow to have a better day, serving you and being more productive.

Learning to Trust God . . . With my days . . . One day at a time.

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