Monday, May 27, 2013


I have realized that I should have no expectations from anyone because I will end up being very disappointed, hurt and possibly angry. I have given over my expectations to the LORD and will leave them with Him. People can and will disappoint us. I am sure there are times that I have fallen very short of someone else's expectations of me. I really can not point fingers. These are simply facts that bring me down and are not good for my spiritual life, my mental and emotional well being and my overall health. I will look only to the LORD each and every day as I am on this journey called LIFE!
He is immutable and I know I can always trust Him. I may not understand His ways, and His working in my life, however I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He sees the big picture. So often in our prayer lives, we pray and we seek God and we want answers. Our faith is small and our trust is partial. We have to look for His answers with joyful expectation.We need to learn to expect Him to work and guide and direct our lives. But in those expectations we must never assume that He will answer in our timing. We must always expect Him to answer, however, and know that it may not be in the way we are asking. That is where trust comes in and that is the way He wants it. When we look to Him, and not others for our expectations, we can know He is working things out for our best.

 Learning to trust God . . . with my expectations . . . One day at a time.

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