Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 2013

I thought I would look around and see if my blog was still up and running. To my amazement, I found it right away and realized the last post was in December 2011.
I read a lot of my previous posts and have decided to start writing again. I have never really written for anyone else to see or read and for now I am going to keep my focus the same.
I have found that I can express my feelings to the LORD much better in writing than talking. Even though these posts are not prayers they are written about my life and my relationship with God.
One thing I realize is that I am still learning to trust God  . . one day at a time. Some of my previous posts could have been written recently, since I see that I am still struggling and still growing and sometimes still stumbling in the same ways that I was in 2008- 2011.
God is still walking with me, and I am still depending on Him for my every need, every day.
I will write again soon. Until then...

Learning to trust God . . . In May 2013 . . . Day by Day

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