Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Walk

The weather today was just too nice to stay inside. Since my surgeries, I have been wanting to walk short periods of time, and so that is what I did today.

I was amazed at how horrible everything looked! There were broken branches all over from the recent storm. A bamboo tree covered the whole width of the path, which also fell in the snowstorm. Other than that, every where I looked things seemed so brown and dead and boring! None of the usual birds or squirrels were even there.

Then I saw a small, but usually insignificant stream, one I had seen many times before. Nothing had changed about the stream, except today it seemed to speak multitudes because it was the only thing that I saw that seemed to have any life! It made me think of God. God has a special way of making things beautiful and special. We just need to look for His blessing rather than concentrating on all the things we can complain about and be negative about.

I also thought about how in about a month this same space I walked in today will begin to bloom and show some color. I think the birds will be back singing, and the squirrels will be scurrying about once again. The stream will still be there as a constant reminder of God's blessings! I love it when God speaks to me in these small ways.

Learning to Trust God,

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