Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time Off

Writing this blog has really helped me to grow as a Christian.  It seems as if for me, writing out my thoughts is very beneficial.  It helps to see them in writing!  It has helped me to "verbalize"
my emotions.  It has helped ease my burdens and stress.  I still have a long way to go in learning to trust God, but I have come along way, too!

With all that said, I am taking a little time off from blogging.  I don't know how long. God will let me know when He wants me to pick up the laptop and begin blogging again!  

I have some very deep thoughts that are too personal to put in a "public" blog at this time.  I feel more comfortable writing in my journal between God and me alone!  I can't not write! :)
I want to spend more time in prayer as well.  For me, that will be talking to Him, but spending more time truly listening to His voice.  It is like the beginning of another new adventure with Him!  I will be learning to trust Him more as I listen more for His voice!

I feel a little sadness about not blogging for awhile, yet with that I feel a great sense of anticipation in this new step!

Learning to Trust God . . . Listening for His Voice . . . One Day at a Time


Learning to Trust God . . .  Listening for His Voice . . . .  One Day at a Time


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