Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Let it Go!

There is so much sadness in the world today.  People have very legitimate needs, concerns, and pain.  People are dying and going to Hell.
 Yet I have noticed how easily it is for us (me) to get overly upset over small things.  It is too easy to incessantly obsess over things that drain us of our time and effort.  Our passion is often diminished.  In the BIG scheme of things, comparatively, these minor issues are really nothing.  Will they matter in eternity? No, I doubt it. Yes, I know God cares intimately about each and every area of our lives, the big and the small.  I am also thankful that we can bring all of these things to Him and He will listen. He will take our  momentary stress, worry and pain and help us through it all.  I would never tell anyone not to feel like they can't go to God with it all.  I believe we should go to Him and surrender everything  completely.
  Yet, to have such insignificant things affect our days and our opinion of others, so intensely, I think is wrong.  Things happen in this world all the time that can be upsetting and annoying and time-consuming. If we allow them to, they can and do cause us to begin to loose our focus. We too often loose our patience with ourselves and others. People will let us down. They may not always agree with our way of thinking. Things will not always go as smoothly as we had wished. Our things will sometimes breakdown. We will have "bad hair" days!  It's a reality! Satan can use these "every day" things to rob us of our joy.  Our testimony can be altered and thwarted by the way we over-react to people and things.  We allow our emotions to take over. Our relationships can be strained because our "rights" are being interfered with!
  It's time to grow up and let it go!  It's a choice!  We need to constantly be in prayer, seeking God's will in all circumstances, and not let the small things in our daily walk cause us to stumble!  When we have stumbled and fallen, (and we all do) let's make sure we allow God to pick us right back up so we can be about His business in a hurting world.  There are real needs to be met, people to serve and lives that need the Saviour!  

Learning to Trust God . . . In Letting Some Things GO . . .  One Day at a Time.


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