Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cultivating a Relationship With Him

The central focus of our life should be cultivating our relationship with God.  This is what must be in our hearts and minds as we go throughout or day. When we are desiring to improve and develop our  bond with Jesus our lives will change their focus. When we find ourselves obsessing and worrying over things, at those moments God is not first and foremost.  Whenever we are angry and responding in a self-centered manner, we are not focusing our efforts on Him and our relationship with Him. We need to pray for God's Spirit to show us when our thoughts are not right, and when our priorities are not in a place where they should be.   God wants us to know and experience His joy and His contentment.  This does not mean that every minute of every day our life will be stressless or problem free.  No, that is the whole point.  Our lives are full of stress, of hurts, disappointments and problems.  There is pain and sadness.  There are things beckoning for our attention. But our responsibility is to give them to God and move on allowing Him to minister to us.  We need to let Him change our hearts and draw us to His side!
We need to concentrate on what His Word tells us and be willing to allow Him to have His way in our life and heart.
Learning to Trust God . . .  Cultivating a Relationship With Him  . . . One Day at a Time


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