Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day

This post is a little different than my usual, but I wanted to write about Valentine's Day!  I LOVE Valentine's Day.  I love watching people at the store buying flowers and candy and all those types of things for the people they love!  I don't know why, but it makes me happy.  And the balloons. . . they make me smile!  I love red and pink hearts, too!  It is a funny obsession that I have!  Oh and those little boxes of hearts that have conversation words on them . . . yes, I love those, too!  If I had a lot of money I would go overboard on buying all kinds of neat things for people for Valentine's Day.  Stuffed animals, pink and red clothes, candy, perfume, cards . . .  the list goes on!  So, it is good I don't have the money to spend.  Or a better way to look at it is think of all the money I saved! Ha!  I did make up little "packages" for my family members.  To be honest, most of the stuff was things I already had at home.  Cards I bought last year after Valentine's Day for 90% off.  Stickers 90% off. Pink socks from the Dollar Tree last year.  Heart shaped cookie cutters  (2) with a cute recipe for marriage 5 cents at a yard sale. Black and white baskets 2/$1.00, last year at the Dollar Tree.  A package of three make-up bags on clearance 75% off after Christmas . . . you guessed it Pink (and black).  Hearts card games 40 cents each. Pink Cotton Candy body spray 75% off after Christmas!  A book about Jesus $1.oo at the Dollar Tree.  Red tissue paper 9 cents from Walmart after Christmas sale.  White meat containers FREE! Ha! instead of baskets!  I have probably forgotten a few of my "deals"  but I do know that the Lord helped me to put all of this stuff together for only a few dollars. I had fun doing it and I hope that my family members feel special!  I did spend just a little more on Steve, but it was no more than $5.00 from Target! Cheap, I hope not.  Frugal, yes! When you are like we are now counting every penny, frugal is a good word!  Happy Valentine's Day! :)      

Learning to Trust God. . . .  On Valentine's Day . . . . On Day at a Time


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