Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On My Behalf

This week I have been going over the Scriptures that we will be studying for our Lady's Bible study on Friday night.  We have been studying miracles, and this week we see another miracle performed by the Lord.  This miracle is the one from Luke 8:40-42 and 49-56.  We see that Jesus brought the life of Jarius's 12 year old daughter back after she had indeed died.  There are many lessons from these verses other than the most obvious one of the miraculous resurrection of the girl. I certainly do not want to down play what Jesus did as it was a true miracle, but I see things here for me today as I am learning to trust God on a daily basis.  The first thing that I see is that Jesus was returning to Capernaum, and there was a very large crowd waiting for Him. In verse 40 they watched for Him, they waited, and they welcomed Him.  I do not know what they were expecting of Him.  Perhaps just to "see" Him, or maybe they wanted to have a need met by Him. They knew He was the one Who did miracles and perhaps they wanted a miracle for themselves or a loved one.  I would hope that in my life I would always want to welcome Jesus wherever I am, unashamedly, but not so much for what I can get from Him, but first and foremost just because I love Him.  Loving Him comes first, far above anything else; and then knowing that He will work in my life and do His will.  Secondly, I see a man named Jarius who was a very prominent official of the synagogue coming to Jesus.  His example of humility was a real example to me as well.  His humility in falling at the feet of Jesus and imploring him to come to his house, spoke to me.  He did not care who saw him, or what they saw.  He was communicating with Jesus openly and publicly. He had probably not ever done that before, but in his time of real need, his only daughter's illness, he did what he knew he needed to do. He went to Jesus!  I look at his example for me to be more humble and not to worry about what others around me are thinking when it comes to Jesus. He knew Jesus could help Him and I know that Jesus will help me with my problems as well. I need to always go to Him for help.  Jesus did go with Jarius to his home and healed his daughter. What a miracle!  I praise God that not only did God heal this precious daughter by bringing her back to life, but God performs miracles for us today, too.  He gives us new life in Christ through our salvation, He heals our broken spirits and our broken hearts. Jesus can and does do many other things on our behalf, both big and small, yet too often we do not recognize them as coming from His hand.  So, as I am learning to trust God, I am reminded once again through these Scriptures of His love and His working power in many ways on our behalf! 

Learning to Trust God . . .  On my Behalf . . .  On Day at a Time


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