Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Beginnings

Spring is coming!  I can see tiny daffodil plants sprouting up above the dirt in my little garden.  It is so exciting!  As much as I love winter, spring will bring with it a sense of "new beginnings."
Somehow I am inspired to work on various areas in my life that correspond with this change of seasons which is coming.  I know that God says He is not finished with me yet, so I need to let Him have His way in my life.  I need Him to show me where He wants me to change. I so much want to do His will in my life and let Him guide me into those areas of "new beginnings."  Are there areas He wants to use me, that I am unaware of?  Are there people He wants me to befriend and minister to? Are there new places He wants me to go? Are there things in my life He is displeased with?  The new beginning would be for me to put these things off and to replace them with something else in accordance with His will.  I know some people celebrate Lent and give something up. Lent actually begins tomorrow.  I have never even understood what Lent is all about, but it sounds like a good idea to purpose to give up at least one thing in your life, even if it is for only a 40 day time period. That goes along with the putting off of something, and replacing it with something better or more beneficial. This is especially  important if it will bring you closer to God.  I love the idea of growing closer to my Savior!  It could be that there are actions to put off,  or attitudes that need to be changed.  New beginnings are good. They are necessary.  I have a lot of thinking and praying to do to see how and where God is leading me.  His ways are always best. I will be sharing in later posts some of these areas God points out to me where He is desiring me to have a "New Beginning." In what areas will He be calling me to surrender things to Him?  It is all part of my journey in learning to trust God one day at a time.

Learning to Trust God . . . In New Beginnings . . .  One Day at a Time


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