Thursday, February 5, 2009

An Hour

Today I am realizing how truly blessed I am, and I have only been up one hour!  I awoke in a very comfortable bed, next to my precious husband.  I held his arm for awhile as I prayed, and then tried to sneak out of bed quietly as he was trying to get a little more sleep.  My house is warm, and if it were not, I could adjust the heat to a better temperature.  I went to the kitchen and made some french vanilla coffee!  If I were hungry, I could have eaten a variety of things including fresh fruit, healthy cereal, whole grain bread, cold milk, or eggs.  I awoke and I am not hungry because I went to bed satisfied.  I sat down on my couch and my sweet cat, Carmella and I had our usual routine.  As soon as I go to the couch with my coffee and Bible, she comes and curls up with me and purrs really loud. This is a special blessing from the Lord.  The sun is shining into my living room and with it comes amazing shadows on the walls.  I see God's handiwork. I hear the birds singing. I have all of these blessings and it's only been an hour!  Then I think of the rest of the world.  Some have no beds and sleep on mats on their floor. Or they are waking up in a jail or hospital room.  Some don't even have a shelter to call their own. I think of what it might be like to not have my loved one right next to me. I know there are those who wake up alone each morning. Many are cold and sick and lonely. They do not feel safe.  I know I am blessed to be able to have warm coffee and a choice of foods.  Some have very little compared to what I am able to find just a little ways down the hall from where I sleep. I am not hungry, I am satisfied. I have the freedom to pick and choose.  Others are hungry when they go to sleep and hungry when they wake up.  Or they are too sick or weak to eat.  I have the comfort of a pet and this gives me much happiness each morning.  Others wake up to a dirty, unhealthy environment with rats and bugs, and it is no fault of their own! I know there are those who wake up and don't feel the happiness and anticipation that a new day can bring.  All they can see is their hopelessness and all they can feel is anger, confusion and fear.  They don't wake up to birds singing or see the sunlight and  marvel at the shadows. Most of all I am blessed because I have the Lord in my life, and I have His Word readily available to me.  There are those who are spiritually hungry.  They are empty and trying to fill a void in their lives with things that will never satisfy.  I have purpose, I have a future and a hope from my loving Heavenly Father.  He has blessed me abundantly with such joy and peace. God has already spoken to me this morning in volumes . . .  and it's only been an hour!

Learning to Trust God . . . .  In an Hour  . . . One Day at a Time


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