Friday, February 27, 2009

His Adequacy

What a wonderful thing . . . not to be adequate! 

 Last night we were studying 2 Corinthians 3.  Verse 5 says "Not that we are adequate in ourselves to consider ANYTHING as coming from ourselves, but our adequacy is from God."
The key to the whole thing is that our adequacy is from God.  Among all of the other things He has lovingly bestowed upon us, is His adequacy. In Him, we can find satisfaction, acceptability and sufficiency in what we do.  Thus, we can never boast in who we are or what we have done!  It comes from God's grace alone.  When we realize this amazing truth we will even the more praise Him and thank Him for His working in our lives and have that joy in seeing His hand in our lives!

May His adequacy bring you much joy!

Learning to Trust God . . . In my Inadequacy . . . One Day at a Time.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

He is Teaching Me

Last night I actually fell asleep talking to God about how He would want me to grow.  I wanted specifics from Him as I am trying to focus on those new beginnings I posted about yesterday.  He gave me some ideas!! Yes, before I dozed off He was already answering me!  Today I was sitting here listening to the radio and the song "I Can Only Imagine" came on.  It is a song that has been around for years now and every time I hear it it moves me. It talks about what Heaven will be like!  It talks about what we might do there!  All of a sudden I felt that quiet nudging of the Holy Spirit reinforcing what God had spoken to me last night.  He wants me to be more Heaven -minded!  Heaven is my true home!  I don't normally consider myself a "worldly" person, but God showed me that too often I am focusing way too much of my time, efforts, and thoughts on the here and now.  As I am on this journey to learn to trust God one day at a time, I am learning that there are a lot of things He wants me to do do with my time.  He wants me to focus less on the things of the world.  One of those areas to begin with is to be more prayerful about how much I watch  tv.  I have never thought of praying about something I do so often.  I know that some shows are just a big NO and would never even consider watching them. The issue is more the time element, versus what I do watch. I think there are things I could and should be doing that will allow me to focus less on the world and more on the coming Kingdom!  The center of my interests and my activities should be according to His leading me. I am asking  what He wants and He is answering. Now I just need to cultivate an obedient heart in my new beginnings!

Learning to Trust God . .. As He Teaches Me . . . One Day at a Time


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Beginnings

Spring is coming!  I can see tiny daffodil plants sprouting up above the dirt in my little garden.  It is so exciting!  As much as I love winter, spring will bring with it a sense of "new beginnings."
Somehow I am inspired to work on various areas in my life that correspond with this change of seasons which is coming.  I know that God says He is not finished with me yet, so I need to let Him have His way in my life.  I need Him to show me where He wants me to change. I so much want to do His will in my life and let Him guide me into those areas of "new beginnings."  Are there areas He wants to use me, that I am unaware of?  Are there people He wants me to befriend and minister to? Are there new places He wants me to go? Are there things in my life He is displeased with?  The new beginning would be for me to put these things off and to replace them with something else in accordance with His will.  I know some people celebrate Lent and give something up. Lent actually begins tomorrow.  I have never even understood what Lent is all about, but it sounds like a good idea to purpose to give up at least one thing in your life, even if it is for only a 40 day time period. That goes along with the putting off of something, and replacing it with something better or more beneficial. This is especially  important if it will bring you closer to God.  I love the idea of growing closer to my Savior!  It could be that there are actions to put off,  or attitudes that need to be changed.  New beginnings are good. They are necessary.  I have a lot of thinking and praying to do to see how and where God is leading me.  His ways are always best. I will be sharing in later posts some of these areas God points out to me where He is desiring me to have a "New Beginning." In what areas will He be calling me to surrender things to Him?  It is all part of my journey in learning to trust God one day at a time.

Learning to Trust God . . . In New Beginnings . . .  One Day at a Time


Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day

This post is a little different than my usual, but I wanted to write about Valentine's Day!  I LOVE Valentine's Day.  I love watching people at the store buying flowers and candy and all those types of things for the people they love!  I don't know why, but it makes me happy.  And the balloons. . . they make me smile!  I love red and pink hearts, too!  It is a funny obsession that I have!  Oh and those little boxes of hearts that have conversation words on them . . . yes, I love those, too!  If I had a lot of money I would go overboard on buying all kinds of neat things for people for Valentine's Day.  Stuffed animals, pink and red clothes, candy, perfume, cards . . .  the list goes on!  So, it is good I don't have the money to spend.  Or a better way to look at it is think of all the money I saved! Ha!  I did make up little "packages" for my family members.  To be honest, most of the stuff was things I already had at home.  Cards I bought last year after Valentine's Day for 90% off.  Stickers 90% off. Pink socks from the Dollar Tree last year.  Heart shaped cookie cutters  (2) with a cute recipe for marriage 5 cents at a yard sale. Black and white baskets 2/$1.00, last year at the Dollar Tree.  A package of three make-up bags on clearance 75% off after Christmas . . . you guessed it Pink (and black).  Hearts card games 40 cents each. Pink Cotton Candy body spray 75% off after Christmas!  A book about Jesus $1.oo at the Dollar Tree.  Red tissue paper 9 cents from Walmart after Christmas sale.  White meat containers FREE! Ha! instead of baskets!  I have probably forgotten a few of my "deals"  but I do know that the Lord helped me to put all of this stuff together for only a few dollars. I had fun doing it and I hope that my family members feel special!  I did spend just a little more on Steve, but it was no more than $5.00 from Target! Cheap, I hope not.  Frugal, yes! When you are like we are now counting every penny, frugal is a good word!  Happy Valentine's Day! :)      

Learning to Trust God. . . .  On Valentine's Day . . . . On Day at a Time


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On My Behalf

This week I have been going over the Scriptures that we will be studying for our Lady's Bible study on Friday night.  We have been studying miracles, and this week we see another miracle performed by the Lord.  This miracle is the one from Luke 8:40-42 and 49-56.  We see that Jesus brought the life of Jarius's 12 year old daughter back after she had indeed died.  There are many lessons from these verses other than the most obvious one of the miraculous resurrection of the girl. I certainly do not want to down play what Jesus did as it was a true miracle, but I see things here for me today as I am learning to trust God on a daily basis.  The first thing that I see is that Jesus was returning to Capernaum, and there was a very large crowd waiting for Him. In verse 40 they watched for Him, they waited, and they welcomed Him.  I do not know what they were expecting of Him.  Perhaps just to "see" Him, or maybe they wanted to have a need met by Him. They knew He was the one Who did miracles and perhaps they wanted a miracle for themselves or a loved one.  I would hope that in my life I would always want to welcome Jesus wherever I am, unashamedly, but not so much for what I can get from Him, but first and foremost just because I love Him.  Loving Him comes first, far above anything else; and then knowing that He will work in my life and do His will.  Secondly, I see a man named Jarius who was a very prominent official of the synagogue coming to Jesus.  His example of humility was a real example to me as well.  His humility in falling at the feet of Jesus and imploring him to come to his house, spoke to me.  He did not care who saw him, or what they saw.  He was communicating with Jesus openly and publicly. He had probably not ever done that before, but in his time of real need, his only daughter's illness, he did what he knew he needed to do. He went to Jesus!  I look at his example for me to be more humble and not to worry about what others around me are thinking when it comes to Jesus. He knew Jesus could help Him and I know that Jesus will help me with my problems as well. I need to always go to Him for help.  Jesus did go with Jarius to his home and healed his daughter. What a miracle!  I praise God that not only did God heal this precious daughter by bringing her back to life, but God performs miracles for us today, too.  He gives us new life in Christ through our salvation, He heals our broken spirits and our broken hearts. Jesus can and does do many other things on our behalf, both big and small, yet too often we do not recognize them as coming from His hand.  So, as I am learning to trust God, I am reminded once again through these Scriptures of His love and His working power in many ways on our behalf! 

Learning to Trust God . . .  On my Behalf . . .  On Day at a Time


Thursday, February 5, 2009

An Hour

Today I am realizing how truly blessed I am, and I have only been up one hour!  I awoke in a very comfortable bed, next to my precious husband.  I held his arm for awhile as I prayed, and then tried to sneak out of bed quietly as he was trying to get a little more sleep.  My house is warm, and if it were not, I could adjust the heat to a better temperature.  I went to the kitchen and made some french vanilla coffee!  If I were hungry, I could have eaten a variety of things including fresh fruit, healthy cereal, whole grain bread, cold milk, or eggs.  I awoke and I am not hungry because I went to bed satisfied.  I sat down on my couch and my sweet cat, Carmella and I had our usual routine.  As soon as I go to the couch with my coffee and Bible, she comes and curls up with me and purrs really loud. This is a special blessing from the Lord.  The sun is shining into my living room and with it comes amazing shadows on the walls.  I see God's handiwork. I hear the birds singing. I have all of these blessings and it's only been an hour!  Then I think of the rest of the world.  Some have no beds and sleep on mats on their floor. Or they are waking up in a jail or hospital room.  Some don't even have a shelter to call their own. I think of what it might be like to not have my loved one right next to me. I know there are those who wake up alone each morning. Many are cold and sick and lonely. They do not feel safe.  I know I am blessed to be able to have warm coffee and a choice of foods.  Some have very little compared to what I am able to find just a little ways down the hall from where I sleep. I am not hungry, I am satisfied. I have the freedom to pick and choose.  Others are hungry when they go to sleep and hungry when they wake up.  Or they are too sick or weak to eat.  I have the comfort of a pet and this gives me much happiness each morning.  Others wake up to a dirty, unhealthy environment with rats and bugs, and it is no fault of their own! I know there are those who wake up and don't feel the happiness and anticipation that a new day can bring.  All they can see is their hopelessness and all they can feel is anger, confusion and fear.  They don't wake up to birds singing or see the sunlight and  marvel at the shadows. Most of all I am blessed because I have the Lord in my life, and I have His Word readily available to me.  There are those who are spiritually hungry.  They are empty and trying to fill a void in their lives with things that will never satisfy.  I have purpose, I have a future and a hope from my loving Heavenly Father.  He has blessed me abundantly with such joy and peace. God has already spoken to me this morning in volumes . . .  and it's only been an hour!

Learning to Trust God . . . .  In an Hour  . . . One Day at a Time


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An Offering

I noticed that I have not posted in over a week.  It's funny, because I have had SO many amazing times in God's Word, and have tons of thoughts going through my mind about Him. I actually feel like I know Him better today than ever! I have been worshipping the Lord in my heart of hearts and spending much time in prayer.  Usually I get my ideas for my blogging from my time with the Lord, but this past week I guess I needed a break or something!  I love the Lord and am realizing more and more that all I really have to offer to Him is myself!  Even in my hard times and brokenness, my life is still offered up to Him.  I belong to Him, and I would have it no other way.  My life is all I have to give. It is my one and only offering! I give it all to Him!

Learning to Trust God . . . Offering Myself . . . One Day at a Time