Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Directing Our Steps

We serve an awesome God!  Recently Steve and I were out together and it was so evident that God had directed our steps in order for us to meet two people. Through a series of small seemingly insignificant events our paths crossed with these people and it was so obvious from the conversations we had that it was God who had already planned the perfect place and timing for us to meet.  He knew our needs and He knew who would help meet our needs. I don't believe in coincidences. Some may say it was by mere coincidence that these circumstances of events happened, but I know it was God.  He was again showing us His loving hand and His personal intimate touch on our lives.  When we say that Christ dwells within or hearts by faith, we must understand that He is there all the time.  He does not pick and choose when He will be there.  Thus, in times when we see Him working like this, we should not be surprised. We need to give Him our days, our hours, our minutes and let Him do His work in our lives.  So today I am grateful that He loves me so much that He directs me and brings people into my life when I would least expect it to bless me and encourage me.  I pray that there are those times in the lives of others that He will reciprocate and do the same and use me in ways that I am not expecting to help build up another fellow believer or to witness to someone in His name.

Learning to Trust God . . . As He directs My Steps . . . One Day at a Time


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