Monday, November 3, 2008


Yesterday was such a great day!  We had a wonderful morning worship time.  After church I made a mad dash home and then went over to the jail for the Christian Jail Ministry.  You can't be late, or there is no admittance!!  The lady who gave the message did a great job of presenting the gospel to the ladies.  We talked and shared about what love is.  It is such a blessing to hear the responses.  We started out by singing "Jesus Loves Me" which was very moving for me under the circumstances.  After the message we tried to find some songs in the hymnal that everyone knew which ended up being hard.  We did however sing "Amazing Grace" and ended with a Christmas song  "Go Tell it on the Mountain."  I love the part where we have the opportunity to get one on one  (or so) with the ladies and share prayer requests.  I love holding hands and praying together.  When we are joined in prayer the spirit moves! I always forget where I am (jail) and just concentrate on praising God and petitioning Him on behalf of these precious women. We were actually given a few extra moments together yesterday so we had some bonding time and that was a special gift from the Lord.  This ministry has opened my eyes to many things and I praise God for allowing me to be a small part of it.

Learning to Trust God .  . . At the Jail . . . One Day at a Time


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