Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Making Calls

Today is Election Day 2008!  It has finally come and in around 12 hours we may know who our next president and vice-president will be.  I don't think I have ever prayed so hard for anything political in my whole life.  Last night I went to the McCain- Palin 2008 office and made some phone calls on behalf of their campaign.  I called approximately 120 people living in Virginia from my cell phone. As I was driving to the office my hands were cold and clamy because this was definitely, without a doubt, out of my comfort zone.  What if they hang up on me?  What if they ask me a political question and I don't know the answer? I was nervous but felt the Lord had told me to go. A hand full of people did hang up on me, one person actually yelled at me, but in the long run it did not phase me!  One lady did start asking me questions about medicare and Rx drugs, which I didn't really answer, but I was able to show her empathy, which is what I think she really needed.  And then there was the call I made to an elderly couple.  I could hear the "age" in the man's voice.  I could hear the "fatigue" and the "lonliness" in his responses.  He started to tell me about his wife who was sick in bed.  I told him I was sorry she was sick and that I hoped she would get better soon.  But he wanted to talk and tell me about his wife who was terminally ill, whom he looked after.  He told me of his love for her.  I could also hear his "love" in his voice.  It broke my heart and blessed me at the same time.  I was able to share with him about the Lord.  I ended by telling him I would pray for them, and I have.  Maybe that is why God had me go and make phone calls last night. (?) Sharing the love of the Lord is really the most important thing. As I am on this journey of learning to trust God, once again I was reminded that when I am lead to do something and step out in faith and "go" He is right there with me, calming my fears and giving me the words to say.  I am so grateful to Him for allowing me to have a small part in not only making calls on behalf of McCain- Pallin, but for giving me ears to hear between the words and using me to share of His love with a hurting man on a Monday night.

Learning to Trust God . . . Out of My Comfort Zone . . . One Day at a Time


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