Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Last night history was made in our country.  I was very sad and disappointed about the results of the 2008 Presidential election because the team I supported and voted for did not win.  On the other hand I can praise God that our country has elected an African American to be our President. I call that victory! I am filled with an inner contentment knowing how far we have come in the right direction in the area of racial equality as a country.  There should be  a sense of real pride in this amazing feat for all Americans.  It is time to put our personal feelings aside and go forth with prayer and support for the man that has been chosen to be our leader.  We may not agree with his politics and there are certain issues that I am very concerned about, but it is just another reminder of how important prayer is on behalf of our leaders.  Romans 13 speaks to our responsibilities with regard to those in authority.  As we begin this new chapter in American history and in our individual lives, I commit to praying more diligently and  in a more concerted manner for our country. Will you join me?

Learning to Trust God . . . For Our Country . . . One Day at a Time


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