Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Date With My Husband

Last night Steve and I ventured out and did something we had not done for a long, long time!  As a matter of fact it was something we had never done together. We went to the drive- in theatre in Baltimore. . . and we saw three movies!! That is also a first for me and it is amazing that I did not fall asleep!  We were there for six hours.  Normally I would not have thought that would be my idea of fun at all, but actually we had a great time. I would rather spend time with my husband than anyone else, so being together cooped up in the car that long was not that bad!  Of course there were the snacks and coffee that helped pass the time as well and give us the perk- up that we needed half way through. The first movie was an animal movie and of course I cried here and there! The second movie was kind of nostalgic and the third had a good message in it.  The message was about how what really counts and what truly makes you happy is helping others, and putting their needs before your own. 
Today I have a house to clean, groceries to buy, errands to run and a Children's Church lesson to prepare, and I have a feeling I will find some time to take a short nap! 

Learning to Trust God . . . Having Fun With My Husband . . . One Day at a Time 


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