Friday, October 10, 2008

Only 25 More Days

For the last couple of days I have been a little under the weather!  I was able to get an appointment to see my doctor who diagnosed me with shingles.  Oh, that's why  I've been having stabbing pain, burning, skin aches and the list goes on. NO fun at all! I don't know how long this will last, but I hope it won't be too much longer.  So, what does one do when lying in bed most of the day?  Beside sleeping, drinking a lot of liquids, taking anti- viral pills, and counting the hours until I can take my pain meds again, I have been pretty inactive.  Bored may be a better word!!  I want to follow doctor's orders and get better as soon as possible. 
In all of my "free" time I've watched a lot of daytime television which I normally don't do. I've seen lots and lots of news programs. I've become familiar with the news anchors, and can almost tell from what political perspective they are coming from by their comments.  Many are extremely biased, and report certain news stories with a negative and untruthful slant. I am becoming somewhat of a "political junkie" trying to follow the campaigns and all that is leading up to the election on November 4.  Only a couple  more weeks (25 days) to go and we will know who our new President and Vice-President will be. The politicians are vehemently trying to move their own agendas forward. They are intense and passionate about their views.  These are the policies that need to be brought to the forefront of the campaigns and be nationally debated.  Americans need to know the politicians stance on the war and foreign policies, abortion, morality and energy related topics.  It is crucial that we have an understanding of the candidate's views.  It is also vital that we ask ourselves how these views line up with the Bible and God's mind and heart.
 Then there is all the latest with the economy. I know I will never understand all that is going on with it. Our financial system and resources  are very confusing to me, despite the fact the media is giving us all a crash course on economics.  It is extremely important  in the minds of all Americans right now. I am so thankful my life and future is in the Lord's hands.  Politics can be fun and exciting and invigorating on one hand, yet I find myself questioning so much of what I am hearing on the news. What is true?  Who is being honest?  After awhile I just have to turn it off and allow my mind to go elsewhere.  I have also been using my time to do a little more in- depth praying about these issues. I've never prayed for politicians and our country like I am right now. They need it and we need it. We all need God's wisdom and His perspective on the issues that face the world today. 
 My prayer this morning is Maranatha! Lord, come quickly!

Learning to Trust God . . . With "life". . . One Day at a Time


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