Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Today was one of those days that in one breath I rejoiced in answered prayer and in another breath I questioned why it didn't seem as if God was answering  other prayers of mine.  Being able to see God working brings so much joy and hope and comfort.  Yet waiting and wondering and crying out to God to meet a need and having to wait is very difficult.  I desperately want to see God working and answering all of my prayers.  But He is teaching me to trust Him.  I am on a journey to get to know Him better. I have learned that in the waiting there are lessons to be learned.  In the questioning there are things I still need to learn.  God wants me to relinquish my will and trust in His timing.  It is hard to do that when I am feeling anxious.  It is difficult to see others hurting and having no clear direction. It takes faith and patience.  Both of these things God is helping me with.  I am learning that I need to rest in Him. I have to remind myself that God sees the beginning and the end.  He has heard my prayers.  He knows what is best.  Sometimes He closes doors.  At these times we should not try to open them, or even try to peek through the cracks. Other times God opens a door and allows us to walk through. We should never try to force that door open, because in His timing He will open it if it is His will for us. There is no lock or bolt or latch that we have to try to pry open.  He has done the work for us and we just have to enter in.  I wish it were that easy for me to wait for Him.  Sometimes my fears and my anxiety and my emotions just take over.  These are lessons I am still learning as I journey with Him.  I am thankful He is not finished with me yet!  He still has lessons to teach me!

Learning to Trust God . . . In Prayer. . . One Day at a Time


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