Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11

September 11, 2001.  Let us never forget this day in history. Our country and the world  were profoundly changed forever.  Today I am praying for the families and friends of those who personally lost someone in the 9 11 attack. Their loss immediately became our loss.  I am remembering all of the brave men and women who unselfishly came to assistance of those in need.  It seems like we all wanted to do something for someone else. We wanted to reach out.  Our neighbors became our friends, whether we knew them or not.  We hugged our family members a little tighter. I am remembering our country with pride as we joined together as citizens, not looking at our political, economical or racial differences, but as individuals.  For a moment in time we realized we are not the center of the universe.  Our hearts joined with one another as we ached for each other and we cried together as a nation of people who were in shock. We cared for each other on a level we had never known before.  We all sought answers to similar questions and did not judge each other for wondering, and not having the answers.  As a nation we reflected on the same heart-wrenching issues. The name God was unashamedly used as we looked to Him for comfort not just for ourselves but for our fellow Americans. We all had the same needs.  We needed reassurance and hope. We sought for answers.   Sacrifices were made that day on behalf of one another, as people willingly relinquished their own needs to serve others. We began to understand maybe for the first time that day, the term terrorist. The words hate and evil became an unfortunate reality.  And we learned  the concept of freedom in a deeper and more personal way that memorable day, 9 11.  Our lives were changed forever.

Learning to trust God . . . as I remember 9 11. . . One Day at a Time


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