Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Meeting Our Needs

As I am on this journey "Learning to Trust God . . . One Day at a Time"  one big thing He is teaching me is how He meets my daily needs.  Yes!  I have been amazed on how , daily, I see His working in my life.  I have kind of adopted the day at a time mentality to the way I spend our money.  I realize all that I have is from Him, but He holds us responsible on how we utilize the resources He has blessed us with.  Each day I write down how much I spend and what I spend it on.  I also like to write down how much I save.  It is kind of a "hobby."  But I do believe even in this, as I go grocery shopping and  utilize coupons and look for good deals, it is His way of leading me.  I try to remember to pray each time I shop and ask God to guide me.  This is an area that I am learning to trust God in. I know it is God who is meeting our needs.  Our resources are not just monetary, but all of the things He has blessed us with.   I have been thinking along the terms of "What THINGS do I have, and how can I use them to bless others?''  In some circumstances, I feel the Lord nudging me to give it away.  Not only is it freeing to have less stuff, but a true blessing knowing someone else can use something I have to meet a need or give them pleasure!  The Lord wants us to practice hospitality.  I see a lack of this happening in the "church" as a whole and I know I should be better at it myself.  I want to get to the point where I am truly happy to practice hospitality.  Sometimes  I am thrilled and excited to have people over.  But too often I feel the pressure to have to have everything perfect.  I realize that will never happen!  Truly, I want to have my home be warm and comfortable and safe for people to come and relax, and enjoy fellowship.  This is where it will be exciting to see God meet the needs. I want to take what I have and use it for His glory.  Whether that be a bowl of ice-cream and games, or "just" a cup of tea, the goal is to welcome others!  Other times it may be a full meal.  The point is that God calls us to obedience and if I obey His nudging in this area, He WILL meet the needs.  He is a great and awesome God who has blessed us so much.  

Learning To Trust God . . . Meeting Our Needs . . . One  Day at a Time


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