Tuesday, September 30, 2008

His Presence

Our Ladies Bible Study is studying different aspects of what it means to us to be able to say "The Lord is My Shepherd."  The aim for this week's lesson is to Experience God's Presence With Us.   There are several thoughts I have as I have contemplated this aim in preparation to lead the study.  One thing that came to my mind immediately is that nobody likes to feel that they are alone. The vast amount of times we are not really alone, but we sense we are. We may be tempted to ask, "Where is God?" We can question if God cares for us and if  there are any answers to our problems. Circumstances are such that we don't feel as if anyone is there for us. It is a scary thing to think about being alone with nobody beside you. I know this feeling because I have been there.  I know what it is to wonder if anyone really cares. When you feel alone you can't help but to have that underlying feeling of panic.  You begin to think what if I have a problem, will there be anybody to help me? Who can I call upon in my time of need? Well, I know very well that in my life I really do have many people who would jump at the chance to help me, and that I really am not alone.  Most of all though, I have total confidence and trust in God to know that He is with me.  His presence is with me.  It is knowing a lot more that the fact that God exists. He is here, yet we cannot see Him.  It is by faith that I know His presence is with us. It is having that relationship with Him that comes from trusting in Jesus as my personal Saviour. I know very passionately that God is with me and that He is aware of my situations whatever they may be.  He has the understanding and insight into what is going on and what is happening now and in the future. He knows all the trials, sorrows, hard times I will face. This gives me the kind of peace that only comes from a loving God. Again, as I am on this journey of learning to trust God on a daily basis, one thing I can rest assuredly in is that His presence surrounds me and I can experience it by faith.  I never have to feel alone again or wonder if anyone cares. I know He is with me, thus I am confident that because the Lord is my Shepherd I can experience His Presence.

Learning to Trust God . . . Experiencing His Presence . . . One Day at a Time


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