Tuesday, September 9, 2008

God's Word

Having God's Word readily available to us is a huge blessing!  Imagine if we did not have it!  I think we take it for granted too often.  I have probably had at least one Bible the majority of my life.   But owning a Bible and knowing what it says are totally different.  And then, knowing what it says and not knowing the author, God, is another scenario that too often is being worked out in lives today.  The sacred writings on the pages of the Bible are beautifully written, but it has to go deeper than just reading them.  The words are holy and although they belong to God, they were written by Him for you and for me.  God loves us unconditionally and He created us to belong to Him.   We need to seek to have a relationship with God, through His Son Jesus.  When that happens the Holy Spirit  enlightens us and we can begin to have a deeper understanding of the intended meaning of the verses.  Yet, we can have that relationship with the Lord, know the words on the pages, yet still miss something along the way.  There is the whole vitally important aspect of following what God has written and obeying Him.  We need to take what we read, what we hear, what we learn and be doers of the Word.  God desires that we put our faith into action. Our lives should be changing.   Our thoughts should be falling more in line with His thoughts.  As I am on this journey I am constantly challenged with trying to learn more of God's Word and then taking that next step and being obedient to His commands.  I fail often and I get discouraged because of my shortcomings.   But I have found that I need to pick myself up spiritually, ask God's forgiveness and keep moving forward.  I have learned I can't do it on my own. It is only with His help that I will accomplish anything.  To read  God's Word, continue learning, and to obey is a challenge that is definitely worth the effort. I know that not only will it help me with my  daily walk on this earth,  but what I will  gain is of eternal worth and significance! 

Learning to Trust God . . . Being in His Word. . . One Da at a Time


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