Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cultivating The Mind of Christ

I have been thinking about the saying "the power of positive thinking." I have had way too many negative thoughts today that have caused me to be self- absorbed and depressed.  I wish I would always have positive thoughts with nothing negative ever entering my mind.  That is not reality, nor is the power of positive thinking going to keep those thoughts away. But how can I deal with these thoughts when they do happen?  I think the first thing to do is to realize they are there and that I do not want to have them affecting me.  It is too easy otherwise to let the negative thoughts consume my thoughts. I can obsess over things that are negative. My mind then becomes continually pre-occupied with thoughts that should not be there. I need to be aware of this pattern and then get rid of them.  That is where prayer comes in.  I have learned that the sooner I give them over to God the better off I am emotionally and spiritually.  When I understand it is all my choice to have this attitude, then will I be free to give the thoughts up.  I have to set my mind on Christ and the things above where He is.  I need to cultivate the mind of Christ.  His thoughts, need to be my thoughts.  His Word needs to be so real and so alive in my life that they become so much a part of me that I don't look to anyone else or anything else above Him.  People will always let me down, I know that. People will say certain things, or neglect to say things.  But what I do with my negative feelings and thoughts when this happens are vital. Again, I must make a conscious choice.  Do I love them like Christ loves them?  Do I forgive them?  Can I just agree to disagree when it is not against God's truth?  When people's idiosyncrasies tend to bug me, am I able to let go of them and move on with the Lord's help?  Can I just look at them as what they are, mannerisms and certain traits that I don't like, but are  not necessarily sins?  I need to have the eyes of Christ, the mind of Christ and the heart of Christ.  Dwelling on Him will make the difference.  Traveling on this path and journey with Him brings me to my knees as I see so many areas that I need His help in.  I have so often chosen my way not His when it comes to my thought life with regard to negativity. Having negative thoughts causes me not to be free.  One negative thought leads to another.  The Lord, however, will replace the negative thought with a positive thought  which is from Him. The power of positive thinking can only take me so far, but the power of God's Word can take me exactly where I need to be . . . relying on Him.

Learning to Trust Him . . . With My Negative Thoughts. . . One Day at a Time

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