Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Surprise Trip

We are truly blessed!  As I think about this journey I am on with the Lord, I am becoming to understand more and more of how much He loves us and how He truly wants to give us pleasure.  Yesterday God gave us a huge surprise and allowed us to have another "mini- vacation."  I know it was a gift from Him because He directed our steps!  We ended up going to Havre de Grace which is a quaint and unique town along the Susquehanna River.  We have always enjoyed the Chesapeake Bay with the water and all the things associated with this part of Maryland.  We were able to walk along the meandering wooden boardwalk and behold so much of His creation.  The river's edge and walkway were beautiful with all kinds of plants and flowers.  We strolled with our camera in hand, taking pictures of the various trees, leaves, butterflies and flowers that we came upon.  It was almost like we were on a treasure hunt and we were the recipient of the grand prize!  There was so much beauty and we immediately recognized it was a great gift from the Lord that He was allowing us to experience.  We are passionate about His Creation!  He is the "Mighty One, God, the Lord."  He used His might and His power to create the world for our enjoyment.  He gives us all things to enjoy.   We were able to look out at the river and see sailboats and other boats  on the water and anchored in the quiet inlet.  We also watched a little tug boat pushing a huge flat barge full with tons of concrete and rocks.  It was amazing to see!   I immediately thought of the object lesson of how they were " working together" to get where they needed to be!  We love the raucous call and sight of sea gulls and there were several of them that we were able to enjoy taking pictures of.  They almost seemed to be posing for their pictures!  Havre de Grace is home to the Concord Point Lighthouse which we thoroughly enjoyed looking at and snapping pictures of.  We had fun taking pictures of each other by the door of the lighthouse.  This part of the day was not in our plans, but God choose to bless us with this time together.  I love surprises!  It is always refreshing to get away for a few hours and enjoy time together and with the Lord.  How thankful I am that we walk with Him. 

Learning to trust God. . . And have Surprises . . . One Day at a Time


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