Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Sandcastle

Today I stumbled on a sandcastle! No, I am not at the beach, I am at home.  This sandcastle I found is on the front of an anniversary card.  Today is Steve and my 32nd wedding anniversary.  The photo of the sandcastle is beautiful and it was perfectly made.  This magnificant sculpture resembling a miniature castle, is a replica of a real castle from some far away land!  Undoubtedly the real castle has stories of kings and queens, of princes and princesses!  It is fun to use my imagination and plot out stories of who made their home in the castle.  What events  went on inside the walls of the castle and who looked out from the towers and what did they see?  Just like the castles from afar, the sandcastle has a story of it's own.  A story of someone, perhaps a boy or a girl, who ran back and forth on the beach painstakingly getting water to mix with the sand. Someone must have taken much care to the details of what they were creating.  What will happen to the sandcastle?  Will the tide come in and will the waves wash it away?  Will there be people who inadvertently step on it, or worse purposely  stomp on it?  In a few seconds what once stood tall could once again be separate grains of sand.  Maybe someone else will come along with a shovel and a pail and enough creativity to begin a new statue just as unique as the previous one.  I don't know how long the sandcastle on the front of the anniversary card actually remained.  Was it a short time, or a day or longer?  Nobody really knows, but what we do know is that some person took time to have fun and create a unique masterpiece.  Marriage is kind of like that sandcastle!  We have to work to build it, and can't worry so much about what tomorrow may hold.  We never know in our lives what will happen from day to day and we need to make the most of each day.  Sometimes the things we do will be fun and other times they will be hard work.   Each marriage has it's own stories.  The key is to rely on the Lord and to work together to build a marriage that is honoring to Him. Unlike the sandcastle that may be here today and gone tomorrow, our marriage will always stand strong, even in the hard times, as we remain true to our commitment to the Lord and each other, and build our marriage on Him.

Learning to Trust God . . .  On Our Anniversary . . . One Day at a Time.


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