Monday, August 18, 2008

Resting in Him

As I have been on this journey with God, learning to trust Him more, I have been truly blessed.  He is reassuring me that I am heading in the right direction as I consciously make the choice to release myself, and allow Him to be my guide along His path for my life.  As I am  purposely relinguishing my will, I am learning daily how to follow Him and and getting glimpses of His will for me.  One area that He has been showing me that I need to follow Him more closely in is to purposely "rest in Him."  Physically it is very easy for me to rest and relax.  I can sit down with a good book or watch television or listen to uplifting music.  But when God says in His Word to rest in Him it means a lot more than a temporary sitting down with a cup of tea and enjoying some quiet time.  He wants me to rest in Him and while I am resting He wants me to wait patiently.   Resting and waiting seem to go hand in hand when it comes to walking with the Lord.  I have found that resting in the Lord does not come as naturally for me as resting in myself.  But my Abba, Father loves me and wants to take care of me.  Part of His loving plan is to provide times of rest for me in Himself.  He doesn't force these times on me, He just gently and lovingly offers them as a gift.  Just as I need physical rest, resting in the Lord is vital for my relationship with Him.  He has so many lessons He wants me to learn.  He has so many things He wants me to hear from His Word.   He wants to draw me into a closer and deeper relationship with Him.  I desperately need that time of resting in Him.  Resting is a good thing, a necessary thing, so that I can be refreshed by His Spirit.  It is only then that I can regain my spiritual strength and cease from worrying and being anxious.  As I rest and wait, it takes patience, as God's Word states, because waiting takes time.  I usually want things to happen in my time, forgetting that His timing in all things is perfect.  There are many lessons to be gained by waiting and treasures to be discovered through resting.  My faith is strengthened as I learn to trust His timing.   When I am resting and waiting  God  shows me what He wants me to do in situations that appear difficult.  I don't have answers but He does.  As I pray, God sees my heart and knows my desires.  God will reply and work when He is ready for something to happen and when He wants to unfold His answers.  Through resting I can learn to believe His promises in a deeper more intimate way and experience peace of mind and spirit that only comes through Him.   

Learning to Trust God . . .  As I Rest In Him. . .  One Day At a Time


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