Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Meeting My Needs

Tonight we have some fun plans to go out for the evening.  First we are going to the Hawthorne Pool to get a free meal!  With our current budget in place, eating out is almost non-existent , so a free meal sounds good to us!  Then we are going to Jeremy and Kim's for dessert and to look at their wedding video, and just hang out with them for awhile.  Having to watch every penny we spend is good for us!  God is showing us what is important in life and what should take the "backseat" or not even be in the picture.  This wonderful journey with Him is teaching me to trust Him that He will meet all of our needs.  I have always looked at that more as the financial needs, but I am now seeing along with that it is ALL my needs.  I have spiritual needs that He guides me through every day, teaching me new things, reassuring me along the way. He is always with me pouring out His all encompassing love and wisdom to me.  He teaches me through His Word.  My time alone with Him is a top priority.  My emotional needs are sometimes hard for even me to pinpoint. I just know when I  am feeling sad or depressed or angry or lonely, but don't always know why.  I have come to realize that I so often look to others to meet whatever emotional need I am dealing with.  But as much as I need other people in my life, and want them there, I am coming to understand in a deeper way that, again, it is God who is the only one who can truly meet these needs.  He understands me more than I understand myself, and far more than any human being can.  I just need to remember that.  He knows how I am feeling, why I am feeling that way, and He will work in my life in such a way to help me examine what is going on.  I need to have this relationship with Him, and am passionately seeking to get to know Him better, as I am on this exciting journey with Him. I see Him working in my life, and I KNOW it is Him, meeting my needs.  So as I go about this life, I see that many things I think are needs are really not needs at all.  My true needs will be met by Him.

Learning to trust God. . . to meet all my needs . . . One day at a time.


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