Thursday, August 7, 2008

Loving My Family

When I walk into our home one of the first things that I see is a wall that has several of our family pictures on it.   Our children, and our grandchildren each have a place on this wall.  It is nothing fancy, but it's my wall with my family!!  I am blessed!  Then as I head up the stairs to the kitchen there are some other things that warm my heart.  Of course there are more pictures on the windowsill, but mixed in with them are Mother's Day cards and Father's Day cards.  These things give me joy because they are a reminder of God's blessings on my life.  They silently tell me that I am loved and cared about.  My eyes go to words that  speak so loudly to my heart:  Wife, Mom, Dad, Husband, Best, Love, Beautiful, Special etc.  Our refrigerator door is also "home" for more photos, children's artwork, valentine's, and  magnets from places Steve and I have traveled.  Each one has it's own story and  brings with it memories of times we have spent together, places we have explored and things we have done.  There are other magnets and things from friends and family that are another reminder that we are loved, and have been thought of and cared about.  There are other little mementos that would probably look like junk to everyone else, but to me they are treasures.  God has truly blessed us in so many ways, but today I am especially grateful for my husband and my family.  

Learning to trust God . . . loving my family . . . One Day at a Time.

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