Wednesday, August 27, 2008

He "Believes" in Me

Another day to serve the Lord!  What a blessing!  My computer has been having all kinds of strange problems and thus I have not been able to blog as easily as usual.  But today I have had the need to write.  Nothing profound, nothing really different, just my thoughts from the last couple of days.  The Lord speaks to my heart every day and I am beginning to listen more intently!   After all, if it is God who is speaking, why would I not want to listen?  He has been showing me that He "believes" in me!  Yes!  When I get down and feel like no one understands me or that there isn't anybody who I can share my thoughts and feelings with, I have to always remember that God is here willingly waiting to have me talk to Him.  Of course He already knows me and knows my thoughts, but the point is that He wants me to share them with Him.  His desire is for me to cry out to Him when need be, and to have the confidence that He is listening.  Last night I really had a need to talk to Him.  I confessed my sins.  It is a true blessing to know that "When we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness."  I never want to take that truth for granted.   I was able to release some fears, some concerns, some uncertainties I had been bottling up in my life.  I wasn't doubting Him at all as I know He is in control.   It was just comforting to know I could talk to Him. I knew He would be there to listen and to care and to love me unconditionally.  That is part of having a personal relationship with Him. I belong to Him and He is in my life to guide me.  I believe in Him and accept His claims.  I know He died on the cross for my sins, and I trust in Him alone for my salvation.  I believe He rose bodily from the dead three days after He died and I believe that He is coming back for His own very soon.  I also find joy in the fact that He " believes"  in me in the sense that He has a plan for me, and a purpose for my life.  He has chosen me for a good work and He is perfecting me.  Sometimes I don't know why I am here, and what my purpose is.  That is usually when I am focusing on myself and not on Him. I don't always know which direction to go in a certain day or see my future clearly.  But I don't have to!  The Lord reminded me that this life of walking with Him is a life of faith and trust.  That is what my journey is all about.  I am learning to trust God one day at a time.

Learning to trust God . .  He "believes" in me . . . One Day at a Time


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