Saturday, August 2, 2008


This is Saturday.  Lots of times on a Saturday my favorite thing to do is to go to yard sales. Today I find myself stuck at home.  For one thing it is drizzling out, another I have no extra money to spend, and I have a little bit of a headache!  I really don't need to be buying things anyway!  I have actually been trying to de-clutter some of my own things, one room at a time.  Yesterday we cleaned out half of the garage. Half of the garage now is all swept, dirt and leaves and the junk on the floor is gone ! We didn't actually get rid of too much, but we made it look much more orderly. (Steve is the organizer, not me).  But getting rid of the dirt and clutter and the things we didn't need was a big accomplishment!  Now everything has a place of it's own, either on a shelf or hanging somewhere. It looks so much better and psychologically we feel a sense of freedom.  It is not too hard for me to get rid of things, especially if I know someone else can use them.  So now I am asking myself why it is so hard for me to "get rid" of my sins. I want to experience spiritual freedom!  Wouldn't it be nice if I could just throw away anger, throw away worry, throw away laziness, etc.  I wish I could just sweep them all up, put them in a bag and never see them again.  But then keep and hold onto, and use, love, faith, joy, etc.  As I de-clutter my house, I am in desperate need to de-clutter my life!  There are so many things that I hold on to.  I feel like I am giving them away, but taking them back and "using" them again.  I have so much to learn, so many areas to surrender to the Lord.  I am on a journey with Him and He is showing me how much He loves me in spite of my "clutter."  I know I have it, I see it and I experience it.  I can't get rid of it on my own, but with His help I can!

Learning to Trust God . . . De- Cluttering . . . One Day at a Time


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