Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Day At a Time

Each day is a gift from the Lord. His mercies are renewed every morning. Some mornings I wake up and He is not on my mind.  Rather than thoughts of Him, my mind is racing with thoughts of the things I want to do, or the places I want to go and the people I will be seeing.  These are the things that are foremost in my thoughts.  None of these these should ever take precedence over Him for a second!  The priority of my day should be to put God first before I get out of bed, acknowledging Him in prayer above all else.  It is so important to express my gratitude to the Lord for allowing me to wake up and for giving me another day to serve Him.  How often it is taken for granted!  When I do start my morning with Him I love to take the day and give it right back to Him.  I commit my day to Him.  He knows the things that should get done, and He knows the things He has planned for me.  His thoughts need to be my thoughts and His plans need to be my plans.  I must delight in His ways.  Many days that may mean "just" staying home and spending time with Him as I work around the house and be a helpmate to Steve.  These days are just as important in His schedule, as the days when I am busy doing other things.  They may be more important because my priorities have to be in place.  He also knows when I need to rest spiritually, physically and emotionally.  There are other days when He wants me to fulfill commitments that I have made with other people and I need to ask Him to guide me in these areas as well. I desperately want Him to walk along side of me as I venture out into the world.  I want to be an encourager, help meet needs and witness to unbelievers;  but I can't do these things on my own.  I need  His power and direction.  The whole day is HIS, not mine to be used to serve Him. When I am being obedient to His call I am serving my husband, my family and others as He would want me to.
  As we are ending another week and beginning another, my goals will be to be more thankful for my days  and to look for ways He is leading me at home along with times He is guiding me to be with others.  I don't want to be lazy, I want to make the most of my time.  I am trusting Him to lead me and to let me know His unique plans  for my life each day.  Being on a journey with my loving God makes every day a beautiful gift!!  My prayer is I will willingly and joyfully follow where He is leading. "This is the day,  that the Lord hath made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!"  Let's use our days for His glory!

Learning to Trust God . . . With His Plans . . . One Day at a Time.


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Fiona said...

I am trying to rest in God and become meek and allow God to work in me and through me thanks for the encouragement and please pray for me