Monday, August 4, 2008

Being Content

Steve and I had a wonderful date tonight.  We drove into Washington, DC and went to Georgetown.  It is always fun to have a change of scenery and get away on a "mini vacation." We enjoyed each other's company just walking up and down the main street in Georgetown.  It has some amazing old, old cobblestone streets, beautiful architecture and there are lots of interesting people to watch!  We went into an upscale grocery store where the price of all the food was astronomical!  I thought our local store selling bananas for $.59 cents is too much, but the bananas there were $2.00 a pound!  We took some fun pictures of each other on an old bridge and then later sitting on, or standing by a big  stone lion!  Sometimes it's fun just to do things out of the ordinary!  And as I am on my journey, of learning to trust God, tonight I was reminded again of the fact that I am so glad God is teaching me to be content with what I have. It is easy to look at stores and fancy food and become covetous of wanting bigger and better and more things.  But tonight I was totally content with just being with my husband and knowing God has supplied all my needs, and will continue to do so.  He is teaching me to be content and trust Him!

Learning to trust God. . . and be content. . . One day at a time.


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