Monday, August 18, 2008

Beautiful Blessings

Part of my journaling includes the title " Beautiful Blessings" where I write at least one thing daily that I am thankful for.  I've decided to copy these on this blog, just for fun!  They are in no specific order or priority, just the way the Lord led me to write them over a period of a month.  This list is definitely inconclusive and I could probably add to it daily for the rest of my life as God continues to bless me. 

 God is my refuge

 He is a righteous God who is personal

 God is my shield, a shield around me

 He is my glory 

He is the One Who lifts my head.

 For His provisions

 For living in freedom.

  For the animals who live in my home that bring me companionship and joy

 I can call on God and He hears

 He puts gladness in my heart

 I am His creation

 He has given us creation

 He knows me personally

 I am not forsaken

 I trust in Him

 He is a righteous judge

  He knows me

 He strengthens my heart

 He helped me as an orphan

 He hears my prayers

 Even though I do not understand all the future prophecies, I know that He holds the future

 I can have wisdom from Him

 He woke me up today and I have life

 I have water and food

 I have air-conditioning

 I have an oven 

 I have a refrigerator

 I have transportation 

I have a comfortable bed.

 My Bible

 Ears to hear beautiful music

 Eyes to see His creation.


 My dishwasher

My washer and dryer

 The beauty in the world


 Cool air

 I have feelings for others

 He knows my feelings

His care is forever

 I have hope 

 I live in peace

 I have shelter

A place to serve Christ


 He has given me safety on the roads

 Freedom to go to church

My family

 God's Word teaching me

 I have medical care

 Birds singing 

A light rainfall

 Forgiveness from the Lord

 God's provision

 My clothes 

Hot water

 Having so much "stuff"I can give to others to bless them

 God stretching my groceries

 God sees me

 God loves me

 I am seeing God meet my needs

 Coupons for free cat food

People who are compassionate

 A roof over my head

 A big bag of rice

 Fresh vegetables

A nice meal and fellowship with a friend

Learning to trust God . . . Looking at my Beautiful Blessings . . . One Day at a Time.



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