Saturday, July 26, 2008

Painful Lessons

A journey has a beginning and an end.  I just started a new journey that began some time ago and I did not realize I was even on it.  I am on a journey where I am needing desperately to learn to trust God through some difficult circumstances that we are going through right now.  We are discovering that due to some mistakes in the past, and some circumstances in the present, we are headed down a path we would not have chosen in our finite minds.  Yet our infinite God is taking us down this path to teach us painful lessons that He knows we need to learn.  So for that I can honestly say I am grateful because God is drawing us closer to Himself.  This journey is one in which I must daily make a decision to either trust Him and His goodness, or try to do things on my own strength and power, which I have found only leads to worry, heartache and confusion.  So I am growing ever so slowly to trust God to work in my life.  I am learning what it means to trust Him daily to meet my needs. I am learning to abandon the thoughts and the ideas of the world and to cling to Him even when I don't understand what He is doing, or where He is leading. I just have to trust. 
I am learning to trust God. . . One lesson at a time. . . One day at a time.


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