Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Looking Only to Him

I am so grateful that I have learned that God is trustworthy.  He always keeps His Word.  He never changes.  He always loves me with His unconditional love. I know I can put my total trust in Him.  I  also know that whatever happens He is allowing it to happen for His purposes in my life. Today and every day there are challenges and I guess that's just because we live in an imperfect world, with imperfect people, and mostly we are imperfect ourselves! I find it hard to trust others, but I have to realize that they are not God.  No one can ever take the place of God in my life.  I find that comforting because He is always with me.  When I have looked for someone else to trust and have gotten hurt or frustrated, I realize that I was putting my desires in people instead of God.  So at least for now, I will look only to Him. By experiencing His love and growing in knowledge of being able to trust Him, then maybe I can grow to become more of a trustworthy person myself.  I seek to know Him better, so I can become a better more reliable and trustworthy person myself.

Learning to Trust Him . . . looking only to Him . . . One Day at a Time


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